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Film The Chocolate chance - Pahit manis cinta antara Ricky harun, Pamela Bowie dan Miqdad Addausy

Dari sudut sebuah cafĂ© cokelat, menyajikan manis pahit cinta…
Ini kisah tentang tiga hati yang dipertemukan secangkir coklat hangat…
Berusaha untuk saling menjaga, menahan untuk tidak saling menorehkan luka…
Walau tanpa sadar terikat sesuatu yang sama…

Kepada siapakah hati harus diletakan…
“ The Chocolate Chance “

Tayang 2 Februari 2017

Minuman Cokelat Fallisto dan Darihati Films Bekerjasama memproduksi Film layar lebar berjudul “ The Chocolate Chance “. The chocolate Chance diangkat dari Novel karya Yona Dianika yang sudah diterbitkan di dua Negara: Indonesia dan Malaysia.

Demi misi ikut memajukan perfilman Indonesia yang berkualitas,  apalagi tema film yang disodorkan sangat mewakili brand Fallisto sebagai minuman cokelat mewah dan nikmat, hal ini lah yang menjadi alasan Fallisto bekerjasama dengan Darihati films untuk memproduksi The Chocolate chance. Minuman cokelat Fallisto sudah pernah terlibat  sebagai sponsor pendukung di film pertama Darihati films ‘” catatan akhir kuliah”.
Film The Chocolate chance bergenre Drama romantis yang mengangkat tema cokelat. Sebuah kisah cinta yang diibaratkan rasa cokelat,  ada rasa pahit dan manis seperti cokelat.

Tentunya di film ini tidak hanya meyogohkan tentang cinta, tapi banyak pesan yang dapat diambil dari persahabatan, hubungan antara orang tua dan cita-cita.

The Chocolate Chance akan disutradarai oleh Jay sukmo. Penulis skenario ditulis oleh Johansyah Jumberan. Ini duet kedua jay sukmo dan Johansyah Jumberan setelah debut pertama mereka Film “Catatan Akhir Kuliah (CAK) yang  mendapatkan nominasi untuk penulisan skenario adapatasi terbaik di FFI 2015.

The Chocolate chance akan diramaikan dengan deretan bintang, seperti Pamela Bowie,  Ricky Harun, Miqdad Addausy, Ferry Salim, Karina Suwandi, Dona harun , Sheila dara , Ega Olivia, Adit suryo dan Rahmed ( SUCI 5 ).

Film ini akan menyogohkan hal berbeda, karena sebuah tantangan tersendiri oleh sutradara jay sukmo harus merubah krakter Ricky harun yang selalu berperan komedi di setiap film dan sinetron, menjadi cowok yang romantis.  Tentunya ini salah satu keunggulan jay sukmo karena sudah berhasil merubah Comic ( Muhadkly acho ) menjadi galau di Film catatan akhir kuliah.

Shooting Film ini akan dilaksankan pada tanggal 15 Maret  2016 mengambil lokasi di Jakarta. Film The Chocolate Chance akan tayang pada 2 Februari 2017 menyambut hari kasih sayang, Valentine day.

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Minggu, 15 Agustus 2010


Opera Van Java is a comedy show on television stations in Indonesia, Trans 7. The idea of this event is like a puppet show people on the Javanese culture. The puppets are played by some famous comedians, like Nunung Srimulat, Azis Stuttering, and Sule. In addition to puppets, there are also puppeteer played by Parto Patrio and gamelan players and sinden.

Opera Van Java is a comedy show on television stations in Indonesia, Trans 7. The idea of this event is like a puppet show people on the Javanese culture. The puppets are played by some famous comedians, like Nunung Srimulat, Azis Stuttering, and Sule. In addition to puppets, there are also puppeteer played by Parto Patrio and gamelan players and sinden.

This program is very unique. The story is a parody of Indonesian folklore or world that has been popular. But sometimes chaotic and contrived storyline does not even have the end of the story. Yet this program is very much interested persons. The strength was the joke of the actors. Sometimes players do not know what playing a character, and portray the story. Many personal gossip actors or actresses are brought to the show, and so a fresh joke material.

But sometimes they joke there is an element of force. Because the actors often throw in joke or with objects made of cork. So often there is a tagline that write if the object was made material used does not make injury. In order not to miss sendor institutions, some inappropriate words censored.

For those of you who get bored with soap operas and dramas that drain tears. There are good you click TV channel 7 at 20:00 hours local time, to witness the opera van Java programs. You can be guaranteed laughing hysterically. Oh ya, during the month of Ramdhan, opera van java is also broadcast in the opera van java dawn hours each day. ( Wtiten by Joe )

Cinta Fitri season 6


After the unfinished 5th session, the sixth session have on screen again in the same TV-station, SCTV. Cinta Fitri screen on again before Fasting Ranadhan, and it will be a favorit soap opera of SCTV.

In the ending of the 5th sesssion, Handoko stuck Misca, in order he want to kill Farrel. Misca helpfull and save, altough most of the audience want Misca would be killed. In the other side Handoko had ended, because he had slept into a ravine.

The unhappiness thing in the story that Farrel still being sick. He had been amnesia. Farrel though that Misca is his wife, and Fitri is their housekeeping girl. After saving from Handoko’s attack, Misca is going more ambitious to have Farrel as her husband. The good boy Faiz always try to kill Misca. But Fitri and Grandma always obey to Faiz. At the end Misca get Farrel and going out from their family live. It make Mrs. Lia Hutama have a heart attack and being sick. Mrs Lia make a plann, she will play cease a live, and the reason is by Farrel done.

Before she play as a dead body, Mrs Lia make a testimoni and asking Farrel to get marry to Fitri. After fighting in his mind, finally Farrel narry Fitri, altough Misca did not agree.

That is a cut-off the 6th session. This is a long story season as like their thyme song of Cinta Fitri “Jalan kita masih panjang (We have still a long journey)”. I guess this story will be a boring soap opera, because Misca still be an antagonis with her evil character forever. Cinta Fitri is look like will not make Misca cease a live in this story. They affraid they will lost his rate in the television. The fighting Misca versus Hutama family still be mind plot of this story. The Farrel amnesia also make audience boring. In other side scenes of Norman are not importing also. I think Cinta Fitri is enough and It is better stop at this point. But MD will not do it, because Cinta Fitri still be a golden mines of MD as a production house. ( Foto by MD . Writen by JOE )

Cinta Fitri season 5.


Cinta Fitri the fifth season. The audience always waiting this story, because they make as usual that it was unfinished ending story. We review the ending of fourth the season, Mrs Lia Hutama was trapped in eartquake of Yogyakarta. Actually Mrs Lia Hutama is key person upon to Misca and Fais lied. Evakuation of Mrs Lia Hutama from an eartquake became dramatic story. Because on that site Misca and Faiz had a plann to kill her before Mrs Lia Hutomo had been founded. Fortunatelly, Farell found his mother first and he can save his mother.

Cinta Fitri always make the prime actor fine. Mrs Lia had unconsider herself after eartquake trapped. At that moment Faiz and Misca develop an opportunite to kill her. While Misca almost killed Mrs. Lia , Farrel is coming to save his mother. Misca and Faiz had going to arrested by the police. The audience feel satisfied while they saw Misca and Faiz rest their live in the jail.

Suddenly , there is Handoko. He is declare as Farel uncle. Handoko had prive hate to his brother Hutama. There is also another new woman scenes, She is Faiz mother, she is a silence fun of Hutama. She had been trapped by Handoko to do an intercourse with Hutama, at the end she had a baby Faiz.

With his Handoko tricky Fais and Misca free from the jail. Misca and Handoko make a deal to fight againts Hutomo family. They could droup Farrel in a ravine. The Hutomo family think that Farrel was died. But actually Misca occupied Farrel because he had lost his memory in an amnesia syndrom. Misca had a new planning that she and Farrel is a couple wife and husband. Fitri had lost and could not make any approval to break Misca’s plan. Because she was afraid, while she was declare if she is Farrel wife, Farrel will be died. Farrel still have disturbance in his brain. He can not work hard to memories hisself in the past. At the end Misca can back into Hutoma family live altough as a liar wife. And Fitri had been pushed as an attendant in Hutomo family live.

At the ending, Farrel know all Handoko tricky. There was a heavy fighting between Handoko and Farrel. While Handoko almost kill Farrel with a spear, Misca in a sudden covering Farrel. Misca hurt herself. Cinta Fitri always leave the ending like that. They make the audiences feel curious. See you in the sixth session. (written by Joe and Adjie)

Kamis, 11 Juni 2009

Cinta Fitri Season 4 : Ramdhan

Peoples are waiting this sinetron along these two months. As we know the ending of Cinta Fitri 3 rd session is openly, it was almost no ending. This is the producer tricky to get audiences. Not only in Indonesia, Cinta Fitri always had been spoken in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and the other country around Indonesia. It was look like that audience had been obsessed by the love story Fitri and Farrel.

The Ramadhan session of Cinta Fitri will continuing to story about Fitri, after she has a babby. There is an issue the family conflict will be more hot than before, because Fitri has a handicap baby. In the next session there will be a new character that will make this story hotter than before. Misca still in her character as a devil, but Misca only has a little scenes.

Do you attract? Let you wait the screen on of Cinta Fitri- Ramadhan Session. I wish the story will be more educated to the audiences. It is in a common, while the story have been make more longer, the synopsis will be inconsistent, some times there are not have any correlation with the story before. And also the quality film will drop.

Rabu, 03 Juni 2009



Do you still love in me, is one program Reality Show on RCTI -, this program always screen on every Wednesday at 10.00 PM. They make exploration about home couple troubles, that sometime wives and husband can not find one solution. The couples need some aid to make and clear all. Some trouble could be clear off, but many troubles should be ended by a divorcing. They cancel their wedding commitment to live together.

This program makes a reunification husband and wives. All participants should discloser their conflict in their family. In this program husband and wives will asked by some private question. Is there still any cooperation love between them? Still they love each other ?

Helmy Yahya and Dian Nitami are hosted in this program, and also there are some physiologist and wedding counselor. They will gave some advise to the couples.

At the first show this program is very attracted, because the entire participants have to discloser their private family trouble. Of course producer make a dramatically scenes to make people love it. At the ending the couples have to make a decision on themselves and asked one to the other “Do you still love in me?” (Written by Adjie and Juhdy)

Foto by : okezone

Minggu, 17 Mei 2009

Sudirman Cup at Global TV

Live show Sudirman Cup at Global TV

There are many Sport TV Program in Indonesia, but most of them just love to make football only. They are thinking that football program have more commercial. And I am sure there are many advertising in a football program. It is ironic that there is only a little bit of Badminton Sport Program in TV. In other side badminton had been a favorite and makes much prestige in the world sport for Indonesia. The television only thinks about commercial ways. They are never think about nationalism mind to develop badminton in Indonesia.

It is just a small thing, but it will have a big effect for this Indonesian Nation. As you now, at this time Indonesian badminton prestige have sharp decreasing. But I think while television gives some support in their program, badminton will be popular again like before. While we have Ferry Soneville, Rudy Hartono, Liem Swie King, Minarni, Alan Budi Kusuma, Susi Susanti etc.

I am very happy and give a salutation to Global TV. Although Global TV is a new channel but Global TV brave to make a live show program of Semi Final and Final Sudirman Cup 2009 from Guangzhou, China. Indonesian Team fails to be a winner, because Indonesian team had been beat by Korean Team in semifinal. With this program we still keep a feeling of badminton euphoria. It is ironic, Indonesia is the founder of Sudirman Cup but we just be a winner only one time at 1989. This championship should be having good appreciation by Indonesian People as like the other nation does it. All Indonesian Station TV should be making more badminton program and screen on more badminton program, in order to make badminton wake up in a new spirit. I wish we will reach a better prestation in the future.

The final Sudirman Cup 2009, China teams have been a winner. It has predicted before. China beat Korea 3-0 in the final. I fell not up set that Indonesia drop out in semifinal, because all the team had worked hard. This is an approval that Indonesian team still one of elite badminton team in the world. I wish in future, Indonesia will reach and bring back Sudirman Cup again. (Written by Aji for Joe)