Selasa, 17 Maret 2009



Farel and Fitri has been married, but there are many problem in their live. Farrel had kick out from his house. Fitri lost her babby in her pregnant. And fitri has ben punish that she can not have any babby again. And also Mischa disturbing activity.

Mischa joint in their live. Fitri found Mischa live as a poor girl. No home and no family. But afther Mischa live with them. One by one problem came to their love.
Mischa has been pregnant by Farrel. Because farrel had drunk Fitri hate everything about this happened.

Some month later, Mischa baby had aborted because her babby was not growth normally. To make an alibi, Mischa make an imitation pregnant.

Fitri know about mischa action to make an imitation pregnant, because she found an abortion payment. Not so long, the grandma understand also. But both Fitri and grandma want keep silence. They want mischa discloser her own action.

Fitri always watch over Mischa. Fortunaly, after waiting for several time fitri has a pregnant also. But there is another problem again. Farrel had been force to police office. He is been suspected as a killer, killing Bram .